Commercial Emergency Services

“We have partnered with Reynolds for over a decade and they are top-notch. Bob Strickland and his team are super responsive and see every project through to its full completion. They have helped us and our clients through major disasters and the site is back to its original condition before they sign off on the job. Kudos!!”

– Tim Bracken, Commercial Client, Philadelphia, Pa.

Commercial Water Damage

“Businesses service for United Way of the Capital Region. Provided water damage services after a line to an ice maker that leaked. Dried out carpeting, replaced damaged wallboard, and made sure there would be no mold issues. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Provide this service over the weekend when a problem happened. I would highly recommend their services.”

– Timothy Fatzinger, United Way Capital Region

Commercial Water Damage

“Reynolds Restoration is a very responsive company that understood the importance of setting up a site assessment for each of our buildings and being ready in an emergency situation. It was our most recent event that had two of our buildings were severely flooded during a hurricane event that came along with two tornados. We again looked to Reynolds to help get us through this difficult event. Using their proactive approach, they had floor plans, power and water locations, and contacts in place before they even drove up to the building. When they arrived we discussed a plan in which we both felt comfortable with and they attacked. In a flood situation, the removal of water-damaged debris and drying the space out as soon as possible is priority one. This rapid response gave us a solid start in putting our building back together and getting our tenants back to work. Thank you, Bob and the whole Reynolds team.”

– Jeff Edwards, Intercontinental Development

Commercial/Residential Water Damage

“There was nothing pleasant about a phone call from one of our facilities techs at 6:30 a.m. on a Friday heading into long holiday weekend that started … ‘water is pouring through the first floor ceiling affecting 4 tenant suites. It has also affected 3 additional suites on the second floor.’ The culprit? An unknown bad hot water heater tucked away in a ceiling. Thankfully with one phone call to Reynolds Restoration Services, a crew of six men were on site attacking the scene and greatly minimizing additional damage. Reynolds continued to address the effected areas for the next four days right through the holiday weekend and we were able to put the grateful tenants lives back together in a timely manner.”

– Jeff Edwards, Intercontinental Development

YWCA Harrisburg

I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job for us with our water damage in our residential wings. We are down to the final step in replacing the tile floors. We were so pleased with your professionalism and the onsite staff that we are planning to use you again for a “soft floor” situation we have going on in our admin area.

– Mary Quinn, CEO, YWCA Harrisburg