Brooklyn Willour and her children
Brooklyn and her children Rylee and Kason.

Contract Administrator Brooklyn Willour is coming up on her one-year anniversary with Reynolds Restoration Services. Although clients may not know her name, she is an integral part of the Reynolds Restoration Services team. Brooklyn has been involved with every single project since she started, just behind the scenes. She prepares contracts, onboards new subcontractors, prepares work orders, processes change orders, ensures all professional licenses and insurance policies are up to date, and supports operational teams for all three offices.

Prior to joining the team, Brooklyn, who also goes by Brooke, was working in a sales role in the food and beverage industry. Her role became stagnant when the pandemic hit, as restaurants and bars closed for months. It was then she decided to switch industries and moved over to the construction industry, working as a construction support administrator for a new home builder, a role she held for two years.

Brooke thrives in process-oriented roles, which makes her an ideal person for her role at Reynolds Restoration Services. “I am very detail-oriented and focused on my work. At Reynolds, the processes and procedures we have in place are adhered to, which is uncommon in other organizations. Many companies say they are organized and efficient, but it’s true here,” shares Brooke.

Although Brooke doesn’t interact with clients much and isn’t “hands on” with mitigation or reconstruction projects, she is still very much a part of clients’ journeys to have their buildings restored to their pre-loss conditions. Her work contributes to the overall success of a project. “It feels good to get projects up and running and be a part of the recovery process for our clients,” shares Brooke. “It’s meaningful work.”

Outside of work, Brooke is likely spending time with her husband, Briar, and their two children, Rylee, 8, and Kason, 6. They love the outdoors and recently spent time picking apples and choosing pumpkins for Halloween. They also like to escape to their cabin in Forksville, Pa. to spend time in nature. Brooke is also an avid gardener and loves to plant flowers. She and her family, including her three dogs and a cat, live in Spring Grove, Pa., where she was born and raised.

Fun Facts

  • Brooke’s favorite place to visit is Albuquerque, New Mexico, where her sister lives. She loves the amazing views and hiking trails and can’t wait to return.
  • Her neighbors better be on their game when it comes to decorating for Christmas! She goes all out and plans to win the neighborhood decorating contest this season. She and her family picked the “Grinch” as the theme this year.
  • Brooke starts the day not with coffee or tea, but with a cold tall glass of chocolate milk! She says it feeds the child in her and is the perfect way to welcome the morning.