ice on tree branches

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Even though Fall has just arrived, now is a good time to start preparing your home for winter weather. Falling leaves, plunging temperatures, and winter storms can cause issues for homeowners, so be sure to take time to get ready for winter now.  With some planning, you can minimize damages to your home as well […]

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tropical storm ahead sign

How to Prepare for a Tropical Storm

Tropical storms can bring heavy rain and wind to our region causing widespread power outages, flooding, and damages to homes and businesses. Even though the hurricane and tropical storm season began on June 1, it doesn’t appear to be dying down soon. In fact, in September alone, there were five tropical cyclones active at once […]

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Moldy wall

How to Remove Mold Safely

Mold is hard to escape. Mold is both indoors and outdoors, and while some kinds of mold are not harmful, mold like black mold can be dangerous in a home or in a business. Aside from mold being unsightly, it can create a musty odor in your living space or office and can cause health […]

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mold spores

What Types of Mold Are Common in a Home

There are thousands of different types of mold found in both indoor and outdoor environments. Molds like black mold and toxic mold can be harmful and cause damage. A mold like penicillin can be useful in things like antibiotics. For a home or business owner, the discovery of mold can be frustrating. Dangerous and toxic […]

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wind damage at a building

Wind Speed Damage: How Wind Can Impact your Home or Business

Summer storms can have a severe impact on a home or business, especially when accompanied by strong winds. Wind can tear off shingles from roofs, uproot trees, peel away siding from a structure and even decimate a building. According to research from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), expected annual economic losses from wind and storm-related […]

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Hurricane formation

Tropical Storms vs. Hurricanes – Know the Difference

The Atlantic hurricane season officially started on June 1, with an expected increase in activity in August followed by a peak in September. While Southern and coastal states are at the highest risk to experience a hurricane or tropical storm, our region can also be impacted by these severe weather events. Tropical Storm Sandy brough […]

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what to do after a flood

What to Do After a Flood

In 2019, flooding impacted more than 14 million people in the United States. Flooding can cause extensive water damage in homes and businesses, and it’s essential to take quick action after a flood to protect business assets and home possessions. At Reynolds Restoration Services, we’ve responded to countless water and flooding emergencies over the last 15 years. Our team of restoration specialists offers the following […]

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water splash

Common Water Damages in a Home and Business

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), as little as six inches of water can sweep someone off their feet, and 12 inches of water can move a small vehicle. SUVs, vans, and trucks will be swept away in 18-24 inches of water. Water can be destructive, too, to buildings, homes and other […]

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Reynolds Restoration Services Promotes Ruane and McWilliams

Harrisburg, PA —In recognition of their significant contributions to the team, Reynolds Restoration Services has promoted Scott Ruane to senior project manager/estimator and Mark McWilliams to foreman. In Ruane’s new role, he will focus on large loss projects in the Harrisburg area and mentor staff. Since joining RRS in 2017 as a project manager/estimator, Ruane […]

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fire damage

4-Step Process for Planning for Facility Emergencies

No business is immune to a disaster or interruption to business operations caused by a storm, flood, fire, or other event. While emergencies and weather-related catastrophes are hard to predict, with some planning and preparation, facility managers and business owners can limit the negative impact to their business operations. Do you know what to do […]

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