air freshener for a musty basement

Why Does My Basement Smell Musty?

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve noticed a musty smell coming from your basement at one point or another. It’s an all-too-familiar scent that wreaks havoc on our senses and can make it hard to enjoy the space below our homes. But why does it happen and how do we get rid of the […]

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Fire Safety Checklist Before Vacation

Summer vacation season is here! Going on vacation is always exciting, but before you head out, take some time to ensure your home is safe and secure with a fire safety checklist. Fires can happen even when no one’s home and aren’t something that you can just prevent once they start – it’s always better […]

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Meet Our President & Founder Anthony Worrall

Anthony Worrall is the president and founder of Reynolds Restoration Services, but that’s of course not where his story begins. His career journey began in the late ‘90s when he landed a job as a staff accountant with Reynolds Construction Management. Fresh out of Lycoming College with a degree in finance, Anthony spent the first […]

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Apartment fire is caused by electrical outlet faults.

Five Steps to Do After a House Fire

 It is one of the most emotionally and financially devastating events a homeowner and their family members can experience – a house fire. In a matter of minutes, your entire home, along with everything inside it, can be entirely destroyed. After such an unimaginable loss, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of […]

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standing water in a basement

Dangers of Standing Water

Whether it’s overflowing from rain gutters, or coming up through your basement floor after heavy rains, standing water is not only visually unpleasant, it can create numerous problems if left untreated. Not only does this type of moisture attract insects and bacteria, but unchecked moisture levels in your home can also lead to costly structural […]

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Jose and his dogs

Employee Spotlight: Meet Jose Cortez

Jose Cortez joined Reynolds Restoration Services team in July 2022 as a mitigation technician. In less than 6 months, Jose was promoted to emergency services field supervisor based on his acumen and strength in emergency services. As an emergency services field supervisor, Jose is responsible for overseeing emergency projects to ensure clients’ needs are met […]

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water damaged kitchen cabinet

How to Repair Water-Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is full of water hazards — leaking refrigerators, dripping faucets, spilled food and drinks, and even burst pipes. These water hazards can lead to disaster for a kitchen, especially kitchen cabinets. Water-damaged kitchen cabinets can become stained, warped, and bubble – all unsightly issues that can lead to thousands of dollars in repair […]

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Greg Bentzel

Greg Bentzel, Director of Business Development, recently celebrated his 8-year work anniversary with Reynolds Restoration Services. In his role, Greg is responsible for educating our clients about the types of services Reynolds Restoration provides and establishing, building, and nurturing relationships and trust with clients in the mid-Atlantic region. Prior to joining the Reynolds Restoration team, […]

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How to Tell If You Have a Water Leak Underground

Are you worried that you might have a water leak somewhere on your property? It can be hard to know if and where you have a leak, especially when it’s underground. If left undetected, an underground leak can cause serious damage to your yard, foundation, and your basement. The good news is the signs of […]

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Nick Poling

Nick Poling joined the Reynolds Restoration Services team as a Project Manager/Estimator in the Baltimore office in September 2021. As a project manager and estimator, Nick manages both commercial and residential disaster restoration and reconstruction projects from initial estimate through completion. Prior to joining the Reynolds Restoration team, Nick worked for several years at another […]

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