How Hard Water Damages Plumbing and Appliances

A home is one of the biggest financial investments you can make so it’s no surprise you want everything in the home to operate smoothly, especially your plumbing system. Between burst pipes, aging hot water heaters, and leaking faucets, water damage is a real risk. One of the silent risks many homeowners never think about […]

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what to do after a fire at your business

What to Do After a Fire at Your Business

Fire can be catastrophic for a business owner. In addition to structural damages that can rack up thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs, a business that experiences a fire may have to close for days, weeks, or even months, resulting in lost revenue. If you own a company, do you know what to […]

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homeowners insurance

Is Water Damage Covered by Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is one of the costs of owning a home you likely never think about until you have to. A standard homeowners insurance policy is designed to protect you financially from unexpected events that cause damages such as fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, falling trees, and weather events such as hail, wind, and lightning. Not […]

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water damage from a roof leak

Water Damage from a Roof Leak at Your Business?

A leaking roof in a commercial building can be one of the most frustrating experiences for a property manager or building owner. Water damage from a roof leak can cause thousands of dollars in damages, lead to mold growth, and even displace building occupants if the damage is extensive. Even a small leak can cause […]

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how to remove mold on wood

How to Remove Mold on Wood

Wood surfaces are ideal locations for mold growth, especially when they are in a damp, warm environment such as an attic or basement. Mold thrives on wood surfaces such as ceiling beams, joists, windowsills, trim, and even furniture. Knowing how to remove mold on wood can help you minimize health risks for home occupants and […]

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how to test your smoke alarm

How to Test Your Smoke Alarm

Working smoke detectors are the first line of defense in the event of a fire. Fire can spread quickly and knowing your fire and smoke alarms are working properly can give you peace of mind you and your family can escape safely and alert the fire department for help. Smoke detectors, however, won’t do much […]

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health affects of black mold on children

Health Effects of Black Mold on Children and Pets

There are thousands of different types of molds all around us, both inside and outside our homes. Many types of mold shouldn’t cause you any worry as a homeowner. In fact, some mold such as penicillin is even considered helpful. Other molds, however, can be dangerous to humans, especially children, and pets. Black mold, also […]

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repair water damaged drywall

How to Repair Water Damaged Drywall

Almost every homeowner has faced some sort of water damage, whether from a storm, leaky pipe, or broken appliance like a dishwasher. Water can be destructive and when it meets up with drywall, it can cause unsightly damage to interior walls and ceilings. Even worse, if left unaddressed water-damaged drywall can collapse and cause mold […]

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water drainage issue

How to Divert Water Away from Your Home

Do you have a lakefront property without the actual lake and view? If your yard is a soggy mess after a rainstorm, you likely have a water drainage issue. While it may be easy to ignore, damp, wet landscapes can lead to damp, wet basements and bigger problems like water damage and a mold outbreak. […]

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smoke alarm

Top 10 Reasons Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off Randomly

Smoke alarms are a critical part of a fire safety plan for a home and can alert you quickly of a potential fire hazard or risk. A false alarm however can be annoying, especially with the high-pitch chirp going on and on. What causes a faulty smoke alarm? Let’s take a look at the top […]

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