signs of hidden water damage

7 Signs of Hidden Water Damage

There are many causes of water damage in a building or home and some are more obvious than others. A burst pipe or an overflowing sink is easy to spot and remedy, but sometimes water damage isn’t immediately noticeable. Signs of hidden water damage can be easy to miss. Water damage that goes unnoticed can […]

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air purifier

Do Air Purifiers Remove Mold?

Air purifiers are popular, but do air purifiers remove mold? They won’t solve an existing mold issue but can reduce the number of mold spores. Mold spores are everywhere including in your home or office. Without proper preventative measures and mold remediation, mold growth can make a home smell musty or unpleasant and can even […]

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water extraction

Water Damage Restoration Process

An unexpected water loss at a home or business can be overwhelming. It’s hard to understand what to do – or who to call – when gallons of water are pouring into a building. It’s important to act quickly in the event of a water emergency to prevent extensive damages. Standing water can cause structural […]

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why should i hire a restoration company

Should I Hire a Restoration Company?

Has your home or business ever been damaged by a fire or flood or another disaster? Have you had a frozen pipe burst and water poured into a finished room in your house? Have you had a mold infestation and not known what to do? If you’ve suffered a loss due to any of these […]

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Moldy wall

How to Remove Mold Safely

 Finding mold inside your home or business is never a good sign, and getting rid of it can be challenging to complete on your own. You may not even realize it, but mold is all around us, and can take many forms. Mold is a type of fungus and has many beneficial applications, such […]

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fire extinguisher

How to Inspect Fire Extinguishers

 One of the most important pieces of equipment in your home or office is a fire extinguisher. Portable fire extinguishers are great tools to include as part of your fire safety plan. When used properly, they can stop small fires from spreading through a building, reduce damages to property and most importantly, save lives. […]

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ice dam

How to Get Rid of Ice Dams: Prevention and Remedies

Icicles hanging over the roofs and eaves of homes may look beautiful in the winter months, but icicles also signify a problem with roof drainage. If not addressed, icicles can lead to ice dams that can cause damages to homes and even injury if not remedied. What is an Ice Dam? Ice dams form when […]

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Common Water Damage in a Home and Business

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, as little as six inches of water can sweep someone off their feet, and 12 inches of water can move a small vehicle. SUVs, vans, and trucks will get swept away in 18 to 24 inches of water. Water can also be destructive to buildings, homes, and other structures from a rainfall, tropical storm, […]

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basement mold

5 Tips to Prevent Mold in Winter

As the winter months approach, many home and business owners think mold issues will disappear. After all, household mold is most commonly discovered during hot, humid months. You may be surprised to learn that mold can thrive in colder months. But why does mold grow in the winter? And how do you prevent mold in […]

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holiday fire hazards

Holiday Fire Hazards: Staying Safe This Season

The holidays are a wonderful time of year! From festive decorations to gathering around the table, the season brings happiness, cherished memories, and cheer to many families. Chances are your holiday traditions include a warm fire in the fireplace, or twinkling lights on a tree, or a day of cooking in the kitchen. Some holiday […]

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