How to choose the right smoke detector

How to Choose the Right Smoke Detector

Even with proper fire prevention strategies, sometimes a home fire can still occur. Fires spread quickly and having a properly installed, working smoke detector is a key part of a fire safety and escape plan. Smoke alarms give you an early warning of a potentially dangerous fire so you can get outside quickly. There are […]

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kitchen appliances

Which Kitchen Appliances Cause the Most Fires?

Between 2014-2018, fire departments in the United States responded to an estimated average of 172,900 home structure fires per year started that started in the kitchen. Kitchen fires can cause thousands of dollars in damages to a home. It’s estimated that kitchen fires account for more than $1 billion in property damage every year, not […]

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water shut off valve

When to Shut Your Water Off

Heading out of town on vacation? Closing the office for a few days for the holidays or another reason? You may be tempted to shut off some utilities to save money – and in some cases, this is a great idea! Turning back the thermostat or shutting off lights can help you see a reduction […]

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leaking faucet

How Water Damage Impacts Property Value

When people think of water damage for a home, they likely think of catastrophic water and flood events like a flooding basement, tropical storm, or burst pipes. While those events certainly can affect a property’s value, there are other types of water damage that impacts property values and the ability of a homeowner to sell […]

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Kitchen Fire

Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there is an average of 7,410 commercial kitchen fires each year. Many of the fires are caused by cooking equipment, and others are caused by faulty wiring or unattended open flames. A restaurant fire can quickly turn into a disaster. Commercial kitchen fires can be especially hard […]

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wet carpeting

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Guide

Water damage is one of the most common issues homeowners face and when it affects carpeting, it can be a huge problem. If left untreated, wet carpeting can cause other issues such as damages to floorboards and trim and can even cause mold. When treated quickly, water-damaged carpets can be cleaned, salvaged, and restored. Causes […]

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sump pump failure

What to Do If Your Sump Pump Fails

Do you know what to do if your sump pump fails? Sump pumps work great when they need to but can be a nightmare when they don’t. If you have a sump pump, chances are you rarely think about it until something goes wrong. They spend most of their time “on-call” until a heavy rain, […]

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Grilling Safety Tips

Summer BBQ Grilling Safety Tips

The warmer weather has finally arrived, and grilling season is here! Cookouts mean family, friends, and Summer fun. Before you fire up the charcoal or gas grill in the backyard, be sure you are taking the proper safety measures so your BBQ party doesn’t end up with a house fire or a trip to the […]

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Flood

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters and can cause thousands of dollars in repair costs for homeowners. Water damage from floods can affect not only items like personal belongings but can also cause serious structural damages. Proactively preparing for a flood can help mitigate large loss, and prevent additional damage. At Reynolds […]

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hardwood floor

Fixing Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful floor covering choice for homes and businesses. They are durable and luxurious and are a popular option by interior designers and decorators. Hardwood floors, however, can be easily damaged when exposed to water and moisture. Because wood is porous, wood will absorb any water on its surface. When the water […]

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