smoke alarm

Top 10 Reasons Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off Randomly

Smoke alarms are a critical part of a fire safety plan for a home and can alert you quickly of a potential fire hazard or risk. A false alarm however can be annoying, especially with the high-pitch chirp going on and on. What causes a faulty smoke alarm? Let’s take a look at the top […]

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fire proof box

Tips to Protect Important Documents

In an emergency such as a fire, flood, or another natural disaster, you may only have minutes to escape your home. How do you keep important documents such as your birth certificate, social security card, and financial paperwork safe from harm? Let’s take a look at tips to protect important documents when disaster strikes including taking […]

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extension cord safety tips

Residential Extension Cord Safety Tips

With the number of electronic gadgets in a home – from cell phones to laptops to tablets to appliances, you may rely on extension cords to power up your devices. This is even more likely if you live in an older home with limited wall outlets. Extension cord safety is important when powering your home […]

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How to choose the right smoke detector

How to Choose the Right Smoke Detector

Even with proper fire prevention strategies, sometimes a home fire can still occur. Fires spread quickly and having a properly installed, working smoke detector is a key part of a fire safety and escape plan. Smoke alarms give you an early warning of a potentially dangerous fire so you can get outside quickly. There are […]

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