severe weather

How to Prepare for Severe Weather

There is not much a homeowner can do to control severe weather and natural disasters. However, you can certainly take measures to prepare yourself and your home to minimize damages caused by severe weather. At Reynolds Restoration Services, we have witnessed firsthand the damage that severe weather can cause to homes and businesses. Whether it […]

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flood damaged furniture

Saving Furniture After a Flood

When disaster strikes in the form of a flood, it’s not just your home’s structure that is at risk. The water damage can also take a toll on your valuable furniture, potentially ruining pieces that have both monetary and sentimental value. However, with quick action and the right methods, saving your water-damaged furniture after a […]

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Doug Lowman

Employee Spotlight: Meet Doug Lowman

Doug Lowman, foreman for our Harrisburg office, joined the Reynold Restoration Services team full-time in February 2021. In his role, Doug oversees both commercial and residential reconstruction projects from start to finish ensuring all work exceeds our customers’ expectations. Doug achieves superior customer service through documentation, communication, and coordination. Doug started learning construction and trade […]

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hail damage on a roof

Effects of Hail Damage on Your Property

It’s no secret that extreme weather events can cause property damage and leave homeowners feeling overwhelmed. Heavy rains, flash flooding, and thunderstorms are often the culprits we hear about. However, one weather phenomenon stands out when it comes to causing damage that many people don’t consider: hail. Hail can be a serious threat to your […]

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Gene Remaley

Gene Remaley, foreman for our King of Prussia office, joined the Reynold Restoration Services team full-time in September 2022. As a foreman, Gene is tasked with on-site management and coordination of multiple projects from start to finish. In his role, he develops professional relationships with vendors and subcontractors, provides exceptional customer service for our clients, […]

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How to Remove Burn Marks from Your Walls

As a homeowner, you may have experienced burnt walls or cabinets due to various reasons, such as remnants of a small house fire or a kitchen fire. Burn marks from fire damage not only make your home look untidy but can also pose a health hazard as soot is produced when an object burns. Soot […]

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water damage

Understanding Water Damage Causes

Ah, the joys of homeownership! When you have water damage, it’s not only stressful and overwhelming, it can also be expensive to repair or even worse – harmful to your family. Standing water contains contaminants and can attract pests, and unaddressed moisture can lead to mold growth. Understanding the common causes of water damage can […]

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where to look for mold before buying a home

Where to Check for Mold When Buying a Home

Buying a home is a major investment and you want to be sure you’re making a wise decision. While you may be thinking about the size of the backyard, the color of the walls, and window treatments, there’s another important consideration that you shouldn’t overlook: mold. Do you know where to check for mold in […]

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Zack Olinger

Zack Olinger, mitigation technician for our King of Prussia office, joined the Reynold Restoration Services team in March 2019. As a mitigation technician, Zack is often one of the first team members on site after an emergency. In his role, Zack is responsible for emergency mitigation, demolition, clean-up, and proper project documentation and communication. Zack […]

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commercial fire sprinkler system

Common Commercial Sprinkler Malfunctions

As a business owner or property manager, keeping your commercial property safe and secure is a top priority. One crucial element of your property’s safety is the sprinkler system. Commercial sprinklers are designed to prevent fire-related disasters by automatically detecting and extinguishing a fire. However, sprinkler malfunctions can cause more harm than good. Not only […]

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