Wes Tanaka

Employee Spotlight: Meet Wes Tanaka

Wes Tanaka joined Reynolds Restoration Services in October 2020 as a carpenter. In just a few months, Wes was promoted to assistant project manager before being promoted yet again to project manager in October 2021. As a project manager, Wes oversees projects from initial estimate through completion, monitors field inspections, communicates with insurance adjustors and […]

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water mitigation

Water Mitigation vs. Water Damage Restoration

Flash floods. Burst pipes. Tropical Storms. Leaking dishwasher. Sooner or later you may experience water damage and need both water mitigation and water damage restoration services. But what is the difference between the two? While both services share some similarities, water damage mitigation is typically the priority after a water loss as it safeguards the […]

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homeowner's insurance claim

How to Document Damages for an Insurance Claim

Immediately following a fire, flood, or another disaster, you understandably will be feeling stress and frustration. After all, your home is now in chaos, and it can be hard to imagine how to get your home back to “normal”. The important thing after a loss at your property is to know how to document damages […]

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DIY mold removal

Why It May Be Dangerous to DIY Mold Removal

Many homeowners are naturally DIYers and are well versed in home projects like installing new flooring, repainting rooms, and even installing plumbing fixtures. When a mold issue arises, DIYers may be tempted to attack the problem themselves to avoid hiring a professional mold remediation company. In some cases where a mold issue is minimal and […]

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picture of Kevin McAteer

Employee Spotlight: Meet Kevin McAteer

Industry veteran Kevin McAteer, senior project manager for the King of Prussia office, recently celebrated his four-year work anniversary with Reynolds Restoration Services. As a senior project manager, Kevin is responsible for overseeing projects from estimate to completion for both commercial and residential clients in the Philadelphia and surrounding region. Kevin gets a jump on […]

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winter power outage

Tips for Staying Safe in a Winter Power Outage

Winter can be a beautiful and cozy time of year, especially after a fresh snowfall. Winter can also be tough, with severe winter storms bringing frigid temperatures, high winds, ice storms, and power outages. While most power outages last only a few hours, winter power outages can sometimes last for a day or two. Snapped […]

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Steve LaCarrubba

Employee Spotlight: Meet Steve LaCarrubba

Steve LaCarrubba, mitigation technician in the Elkridge, Md. office, joined Reynolds Restoration Services in 2018. As a mitigation technician, Steve is one of the first team members on-site after a home or business owner has a loss. Steve is responsible for emergency mitigation, demolition, clean-up, and proper project documentation and communication. Steve has been working […]

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snow melt

How to Prepare for Snowmelt Flooding

When people think of floods, they think of rivers flooding in early spring or tropical storms pouring inches of rain in the summertime. The truth is flooding is a year-round risk, especially with melting snow. In the mid-Atlantic, we are no strangers to heavy snowfall, and when it rapidly melts with rising temperatures, it can […]

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water damaged concrete floor

Restoring Concrete After Water Damage

After flooding or other water damage emergencies, it’s important to completely dry out the affected areas before working on any remodeling or reconstruction. Restoring concrete after water damage is critical as water and humidity can lead to additional damage including a mold outbreak. Many home and business owners take the time to dry out materials […]

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fire proof box

Tips to Protect Important Documents

In an emergency such as a fire, flood, or another natural disaster, you may only have minutes to escape your home. How do you keep important documents such as your birth certificate, social security card, and financial paperwork safe from harm? Let’s take a look at tips to protect important documents when disaster strikes including taking […]

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