Photo of Ismery Martinez and her dog

Ismery Martinez, restoration technician for our Baltimore area office, celebrated her first anniversary with Reynolds Restoration Services this past June. As a restoration technician, Ismery is part of our on-call team of professionals who respond to emergencies and begin restoration services such as water extraction, demolition, cleanup and other mitigation tasks.

Before joining the team, Ismery worked for several years at a national emergency restoration services company. While she learned quite a bit about the industry during her time there, she felt she could do more at a different organization. That’s where Reynolds Restoration comes in.

“I learned a lot at my former company but didn’t feel like there were many opportunities for me. Then I found Reynolds Restoration Services. There is more room to grow here, and I like the dynamics of our team,” shares Ismery.

Ismery welcomes change and learning something new. In fact, one of the things she loves about being a restoration technician is that every day presents an opportunity to learn and use her problem-solving skills. “I feel my coworkers are supportive and help me learn and understand new parts of emergency restoration,” shares Ismery. “Plus, there is a playful environment around the office, and it feels good to come to work.”

“Since Ismery joined the team a year ago, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing her remarkable journey of growth and learning,” says Craig McConnell, who manages the Baltimore office. “Her commitment and focus are impressive, but what truly sets her apart is her positivity and the delightful energy she brings to the team.”

Outside of work, Ismery is likely spending time with her mom, Yanira, or her sister, Gisell. She and her mom like to catch up over coffee at home or go shopping together on the weekends. Born and raised in El Salvador, Ismery moved to the Baltimore area in 2012. She, along with her mom, sister, and pups Mia and Bruno, live just outside of the DC beltway.

Fun Facts

  • A huge animal lover, Ismery wants to travel to the Bahamas to see Pig Beach, where wild pigs swim up to the boats!
  • Ismery LOVES to cook. Her specialty is a Salvadorian flatbread called Pupusa. Pupusas, which are the national dish of El Salvador, are made with cornmeal flour and stuffed with ingredients like cheese, beans, chorizo, chicken, and more. She also bakes cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats!
  • Ismery travels to El Salvador once or twice a year to see family. She is looking forward to her upcoming trip in April 2024.