image of Shannon McDonnellShannon McDonnell, project coordinator at the Reynolds Restoration Services Elkridge office, joined the team in May 2023. Her role involves ensuring the seamless execution of projects by fostering strong communication links among all parties involved, ranging from clients and insurance adjusters to the company’s own project managers and field teams.

Before finding her calling with Reynolds Restoration Services, Shannon was deeply immersed in the world of event coordination, where she notably orchestrated events for the Baltimore Ravens. This chapter of her career honed her skills in organization, planning, customer service, and building interpersonal relationships. Despite her passion for event planning, Shannon sought a role that offered greater flexibility, leading her to her current position.

Shannon’s enthusiasm for her work shines through as she explains, “I enjoy ensuring that everything is meticulously organized and that actions are taken precisely when needed. My goal is to keep everyone aligned and on track, and I find great satisfaction in doing so.”

Beyond project coordination, Shannon plays a crucial role in supporting customers during some of their most challenging moments, offering empathy and a calming presence. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and patience, stating, “For our customers, experiencing property loss is often uncharted territory. However, for us, it’s part of our daily routine. I always bear this in mind with every interaction, ensuring our customers feel supported and informed.”

When not navigating the demands at the office, Shannon enjoys a quiet life at home with her fiancé, Corey and their four spoiled cats—Lola, Mac, Stella, and Luna. The couple, who are planning their May 2025 wedding, spend their free time engaged in various home improvement projects, cooking a meal together, or hitting the gym.

A native of Elkridge, Shannon currently lives in Parkville, Maryland, with Corey and their kitties. She graduated from Towson University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Fun Facts

  • Shannon has a large family tree with an impressive sixty-two cousins! The familial bond was on full display at a recent reunion, where over 100 relatives gathered at the beach.
  • When it comes to food, Shannon’s heart belongs to all things Mexican. She’s happiest with freshly made guac and a margarita.
  • Shannon is an avid cribbage player, a skill inherited from a lineage of cribbage aficionados within her family. At reunions and holiday gatherings, it’s not uncommon for the family to engage in spirited cribbage tournaments!