Unexplained puddles are a sign of an underground water leak.

Are you worried that you might have a water leak somewhere on your property? It can be hard to know if and where you have a leak, especially when it’s underground. If left undetected, an underground leak can cause serious damage to your yard, foundation, and your basement.

The good news is the signs of a main water line leak are easy to see if you know what to look for. Let’s take a look at the causes and symptoms of underground water issues.

Causes of an Underground Water Leak

Underground water leaks can happen for a variety of reasons – aging pipes, poor craftsmanship, and even extreme temperatures. While each situation is different, here are some other common causes of a water main leak:

  • Friction
  • Corrosion
  • Soil shift
  • Water chemistry
  • Poor installation
  • Low-quality pipe material
  • Age of the pipes

Homes more than 15 years old may be most at risk of these unseen water leaks that can damage foundations and cause expensive repairs – not to mention your utility expenses will be high! Regular inspection is key in spotting hidden threats before they turn into unexpected disasters. A licensed local plumber with a water leak sensor offers an invaluable service when it comes to detecting exactly where to find an underground water leak, where the holes are located, and how best to patch them up for good.

Main Water Line Leak Symptoms

If your main water line is damaged, some telltale signs may be visible if you know what to look for. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment to know whether or not you have a water main issue – the symptoms will be rather obvious! Here are ways to tell if a pipe burst underground:

Water Pressure is Low

Unexplained changes in water pressure can be a warning sign of something serious. If your whole house is experiencing low water pressure, it could mean you have a main line leak and should contact an experienced professional to investigate further. However, if the issue only affects one area – such as just that shower head – then the cause might be sediment buildup in the plumbing system rather than plumbing trouble requiring immediate attention.

Water Bill is Higher than Normal

Even the tiniest leak can pose a serious threat to your water bill. A single dripping faucet could squander up to 90 gallons of water each day! Think about that for a moment; now consider how much worse it would be with an extensive main line breakage. If your bank account is feeling lighter than usual then there’s likely an underlying issue like this causing the spike in your water bill.

Poor Water Quality

Poor quality, contaminated, or even smelly water can be a sign that there are cracks in your water pipes — a dangerous health hazard for drinking! It’s better to act sooner than later when it comes to safeguarding against potential contaminations from an aging plumbing system.

Foundation Cracks

If you discover cracks in the foundation of your home, it could be an indicator of a greater problem; leaking water from the main line. That’s why it’s important to investigate further and check for signs of damage or discolorations that may signify moisture damage. Foundation cracks can lead to expensive structural damage, so it’s important to contact a professional for help before things get worse.

Damp or Wet Walls

If your main water line is damaged, the potential consequences can be far-reaching: while you’ll see visible signs like warping or dampness near the leak itself, moisture can travel through walls to cause damage in unexpected places.

Unexplained Puddles

Unexplained puddles or mud is the most obvious sign of an underground water leak. All of the water leaking out through the pipe will start to accumulate and when the soil can’t absorb it, it will rise to the surface as a puddle or as mud. It’s important to note the location of the puddle doesn’t necessarily mean the leak is nearby. Water can move quite a bit through the ground before it rises to the surface.

If you’ve noticed signs of an underground water leak, contact a reputable plumbing company so they can check your water line closely and recommend steps forward to fix the issue. If left unaddressed, you will likely experience damage to your home’s foundation and walls, and could even have structural damage. Already seeing signs of water damage? A professional emergency restoration services company can help restore your home after water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Services

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