Harrisburg, PAReynolds Restoration Services, a disaster restoration and reconstruction company, is proud to announce the launch of the Proactive Restoration and Emergency Planning Program, or PREP, for businesses in the region. PREP is designed to help businesses prepare to respond to an emergency or disaster related to flood, fire, storm or other related incidents and events.

“We know that 40 percent of businesses do not reopen following a disaster, and of those businesses that do reopen, 25 percent will shut their doors within two years. The PREP Program is designed to help businesses proactively prepare for a disaster or emergency, minimizing their risk and downtime,” says Anthony Worrall, president of Reynolds Restoration Services. “Our goal is to help businesses be ready to respond to events from the smallest emergency to the largest disaster.”

As part of the PREP Program, a Commercial Restoration Specialist will work with a business owner to review and finalize their emergency response procedures and protocols, ensuring a proper emergency and disaster plan is ready and in place. The no-cost program documents emergency procedures in a centralized location and is accessible to facilities and maintenance teams and business leadership utilizing cloud-based software. Other features of PREP include:

  • Creation of a custom step-by-step facility emergency disaster plan tailored to the organization.
  • Proactive emergency planning designed to have the right actions and resources deployed in case of a disaster, minimizing damage and loss.
  • Preemptive procedures and protocols that may cut or even prevent downtime of a business and minimize repair costs dramatically.

Businesses enrolled in the PREP Program will also receive custom building reports that include detailed information about electric, water and equipment emergency protocols; staging information for emergency restoration personnel; building layouts; and contact information for emergency points-of-contact and insurance providers. All information is stored in an encrypted cloud-based system, with easy access through a smartphone app.

“During an emergency, actions taken during the first 24 hours are critical to minimizing impact to a business’ bottom line. By having all response protocols in one place, businesses can take swift action, improving the chances of restoring a facility to pre-loss condition in a timely manner,” adds Worrall.

Businesses can enroll in the PREP Program at no cost to the organization. For more information on the PREP Program, business owners may learn more at www.ReynoldsPREP.com. 

About Reynolds Restoration Services

Reynolds Restoration Services is the premier disaster restoration and reconstruction company in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, D.C. and Maryland service areas. Our qualified and dedicated staff are always on call to respond to fire, smoke, water, mold, and wind damage. With over 14 years of experience in the emergency restoration industry, Reynolds Restoration Services is a division of Reynolds, a full-service building solutions provider offering construction, construction management, energy, and commissioning and engineering services.