Commercial/Residential Water Damage

“There was nothing pleasant about a phone call from one of our facilities techs at 6:30 a.m. on a Friday heading into long holiday weekend that started … ‘water is pouring through the first floor ceiling affecting 4 tenant suites. It has also affected 3 additional suites on the second floor.’ The culprit? An unknown bad hot water heater tucked away in a ceiling. Thankfully with one phone call to Reynolds Restoration Services, a crew of six men were on site attacking the scene and greatly minimizing additional damage. Reynolds continued to address the effected areas for the next four days right through the holiday weekend and we were able to put the grateful tenants lives back together in a timely manner.”

– Jeff Edwards, Intercontinental Development

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Residential Water Damage

“I had a great experience with Reynolds from day one when they came in and placed the fans … the communication was spectacular.”

– Jose Garcia

Residential Water Damage and Repair

“We were really surprised how quickly they got the work finished. They also did a great job taking the carpet out of the basement. Thank you much.”

-The Baker Family

Residential Water Damage

“Kyle is just finishing up the work this afternoon and I wanted to send you a quick note to say how happy we are with his work. He’s been professional and respectful in making sure he did a good job and kept our home clean. The ceiling looks better than it did before we had the leak.  Overall very impressed!”

– The Feeley Family 

Residential Flood Remediation

“Thank you for being timely. Thank you for calling ahead so I could hear you had arrived. Thank you for drying all the water.”

– The Roberts Family

Residential Storm Damage Mitigation

“Great work. Kept me informed. Did a final check after we had rainfall. Thanks!”

– The Amoroso Family

Residential Water Damage

“The team did a great job! And fast, too. The guys saved us from water damage until we can have the damage repaired.”

– The Judah Family

YWCA Harrisburg

I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job for us with our water damage in our residential wings. We are down to the final step in replacing the tile floors. We were so pleased with your professionalism and the onsite staff that we are planning to use you again for a “soft floor” situation we have going on in our admin area.

– Mary Quinn, CEO, YWCA Harrisburg